MSP430 BSL官方文件

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MSP430 BSL官方文件

  The MSP430 BSL enables users to communicate with embedded memory in the MSP430 microcontroller during the prototyping phase, final producTIon, and in service. Both the programmable memory (flash memory) and the data memory (RAM) can be modified as required. Do not confuse the bootstrap loader with programs found in some digital signal processors (DSPs) that automaTIcally load program code (and data) from external memory to the internal memory of the DSP. These programs are often referred to as bootstrap loaders as well. To use the bootstrap loader, a specific BSL entry sequence must be applied. An added sequence of commands iniTIates the desired funcTIon. A boot-loading session can be exited by continuing operation at a defined user program address or by the reset condition. If the device is secured by disabling JTAG, it is still possible to use the BSL. Access to the MSP430 memory via the BSL is protected against misuse by a user-defined password.
MSP430 BSL官方文件


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