STM32F302xx STM32F303xx Datasheet

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  The STM32F302xx/STM32F303xx family is based on the high-performance ARM®

  Cortex™-M4F 32-bit RISC core operaTIng at a frequency of up to 72 MHz, and embedding a

  floaTIng point unit (FPU), a memory protecTIon unit (MPU) and an embedded trace macrocell

  (ETM)。 The family incorporates high-speed embedded memories (up to 256 Kbytes of Flash

  memory, up to 48 Kbytes of SRAM) and an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and

  peripherals connected to two APB buses.

  The devices offer up to four fast 12-bit ADCs (5 Msps), up to seven comparators, up to four

  operaTIonal amplifiers, up to two DAC channels, a low-power RTC, up to five generalpurpose 16-bit timers, one general-purpose 32-bit timer, and two timers dedicated to motor

  control. They also feature standard and advanced communication interfaces: up to two I2Cs,

  up to three SPIs (two SPIs are with multiplexed full-duplex I2Ss on STM32F303xx devices),

  three USARTs, up to two UARTs, CAN and USB. To achieve audio class accuracy, the I2S

  peripherals can be clocked via an external PLL.

  The STM32F302xx/STM32F303xx family operates in the -40 to +85 °C and -40 to +105 °C

  temperature ranges from a 2.0 to 3.6 V power supply. A comprehensive set of power-saving

  mode allows the design of low-power applications.

  The STM32F302xx/STM32F303xx family offers devices in three packages ranging from 48

  pins to 100 pins.

  The set of included peripherals changes with the device chose

STM32F302xx STM32F303xx Datasheet


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