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  The MCP3905A/05L/06A devices are energy-metering ICs designed to support the IEC 62053 internaTIonal metering standard specificaTIon. They supply a frequency output proporTIonal to the average acTIve real power, as well as a higher-frequency output proportional to the instantaneous power for meter calibration. The MCP3905L offers reduced pulse width of calibration output frequency and mechanical counter drive for lower power meter designs. They include two 16-bit, Delta-Sigma ADCs for a wide range of IB and IMAX currents and/or small shunt (《200 µOhms) meter designs. It includes an ultra-low drift voltage reference with 《 15 ppm/°C through a specially designed band gap temperature curve for the minimum gradient across the industrial temperature range. A fixedfunction DSP block is on-chip for active real-power calculation. A no-load threshold block prevents any current creep measurements. A Power-On Reset (POR) block restricts meter performance during lowvoltage situations. These accurate energy metering ICs with high field reliability are available in the industry standard pinout.


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