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The AD8253 is an instrumentaTIon amplifier with digitally programmable gains that has gigaohm (GΩ) input impedance, low output noise, and low distorTIon, making it suitable for interfacing with sensors and driving high sample rate analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).
It has a high bandwidth of 10 MHz, low THD of −110 dB, and fast settling TIme of 780 ns (maximum) to 0.001%. Offset drift and gain drift are guaranteed to 1.2 μV/°C and 10 ppm/°C, respecTIvely, for G = 1000. In addition to its wide input common voltage range, it boasts a high common-mode rejection of 100 dB at G = 1000 from dc to 20 kHz. The combination of precision dc performance coupled with high speed capabilities makes the AD8253 an excellent candidate for data acquisition. Furthermore, this monolithic solution simplifies design and manufacturing and boosts performance of instrumentation by maintaining a tight match of internal resistors and amplifiers.
The AD8253 user interface consists of a parallel port that allows users to set the gain in one of two different ways (see Figure 1 for the functional block diagram). A 2-bit word sent via a bus can be latched using the WR input. An alternative is to use transparent gain mode, where the state of logic levels at the gain port determines the gain.


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