MAX9140/MAX9141 pdf datasheet

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The MAX9140/MAX9141 are single and the MAX9142/
MAX9144 are dual/quad high-speed comparators opTImized
for systems powered from a 3V or 5V supply. The
MAX9141 features latch enable and device shutdown.
These devices combine high speed, low power, and
rail-to-rail inputs. PropagaTIon delay is 40ns, while supply
current is only 150μA per comparator.
The input common-mode range of the MAX9140/
MAX9141/MAX9142/MAX9144 extends beyond both
power-supply rails. The outputs pull to within 0.3V of
either supply rail without external pullup circuitry, making
these devices ideal for interface with both CMOS
and TTL logic. All input and output pins can tolerate a
conTInuous short-circuit fault condiTIon to either rail.
Internal hysteresis ensures clean output switching, even
with slow-moving input signals.
The MAX9140/MAX9141/MAX9142/MAX9144 are higher-
speed, lower-power, and lower-cost upgrades to
industry-standard comparators MAX941/MAX942/
The MAX9140 are offered in tiny 5-pin SC70 and SOT23
packages. The MAX9141 and MAX9142 are available in
8-pin SOT23 and SO packages, while the MAX9144 is
available in both 14-pin SO and TSSOP packages.
Line Receivers
Battery-Powered Systems
Threshold Detectors/Discriminators
3V/5V Systems
Zero-Crossing Detectors
Sampling Circuits


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