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The DG2535/DG2536 is a sub 1 Ω (0.35 Ω at 2.7 V) dual
SPDT analog switches designed for low voltage applicaTIons.
The DG2535/DG2536 has on-resistance matching (less than
0.05 Ω at 2.7 V) and flatness (less than 0.2 Ω at 2.7 V) that are
guaranteed over the enTIre voltage range. AddiTIonally, low
logic thresholds make the DG2535/DG2536 an ideal interface
to low voltage DSP control signals.
The DG2535/DG2536 has fast switching speed with
break-before-make guaranteed. In the On condition, all
switching elements conduct equally in both directions.
Off-isolation and crosstalk is - 69 dB at 100 kHz.
The DG2535/DG2536 is built on Vishay Siliconix’s
high-density low voltage CMOS process. An eptiaxial layer is
built in to prevent latchup. The DG2535/DG2536 contains the
additional benefit of 2,000 V ESD protection.
In space saving MSOP-10 and DFN-10 lead (Pb)-free
packages, the DG2535/DG2536 are high performance, low
rON switches for battery powered applications. No lead (Pb) is
used in the manufacturing process either inside the device/
package or on the external terminations. As a committed
partner to the community and the environment, Vishay
Siliconix manufactures this product with the lead (Pb)-free
device terminations. For analog switching products
manufactured in DFN packages, the lead (Pb)-free "-E3/E4"
suffix is being used as a designator. Lead (Pb)-free DFN
products purchased at any time will have either a
nickel-palladium-gold device termination or a 100 % matte tin
device termination. The different lead (Pb)-free materials are
interchangeable and meet all JEDEC standards for reflow and
MSL rating.


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