LC7515 pdf datasheet

资料大小: 666

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1)In order to avoid the absorpTIon of moisture, it is recommended to store in the dry box (or desiccators) with a desiccant .
2)In case of more than 1 week passed after opening or change colorof indicator on desiccant components shall be dried 10-12Hr, at 60±5℃.
3)In case of supposed the components is humid, shall be dried dip-solder just before, 12Hr at 80±5℃or 10Hr at 100±5℃.
4)Any mechanical force or any excess vibraTIon shall not be accepted to apply during cooling process to normal temp. after soldering.
5)Quick cooling shall not be avoid.
6)Components shall not be mounted on warped direcTIon of PCB.
7)Anti radioactive ray design is not considered for the products listed here in.
8)This device should not be used in any type of fluid such as water, oil, organic solvent and etc. When washing is required, IPA should be used.
9)When theLEDsare illuminating, operating current should be decided after considering the ambient maximum temperature.
10)LEDsmust be stored to maintain a clean atmosphere. If theLEDsare stored for 3 months or more after being shipped from SSC, a sealed container with a nitrogen atmosphere should be used for storage.
11)The LEDsmust be soldered within seven days after opening the moisture-proof packing.
12)Repack unused products with anti-moisture packing, fold to close any opening and then store in a dry place.
13)The appearance and specifications of the product may be modifiedfor improvement without notice.


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