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stmp3502 pdf

STMP3502, 3503, 3505, 3506, 3510, 3520, 3550, 3560

 MP3 and WMA Decode
—Field upgradeable to other digital music formats
 Digital Rights Management (DRM)
—Portable Device Digital Rights Management (PDDRM)
—Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10 (WMDRM 10)
 MP3 Encode
—Voice, FM, or Line-in recording
 Voice record in ADPCM format
 On-chip read-only unique ID for Digital Rights Management (DRM)
 Flexible Memory Interface
—SLC or MLC NAND Flash
—Secure Digital
—MulTIple NAND flash can be concatenated together
to represent a single device
 Flexible, efficient on-chip DC-DC converter
—Energy saving dynamic power management
 Flexible battery configuraTIon
—Up to 50 hours of operaTIon on a single AA battery
—1xAAA, 2xAA, 2xAAA, Li-lon*
 Battery level detecTIon using Low Resolution Analog
to Digital Converter (LRADC)
 GPIO and button I/O controls
 LED/LCD Driver
 FM tuner input and control support
 Volume control on record and playback
 Full analog mixer configuration
 <0.05% THD headphone driver, including anti-pop
and short-circuit protection
 High performance 18-bit ΣΔ technology
 Line-in to Line-out SNR >94 dB typical
 Windows® and Macintosh® USB Mass Storage Class support
 Upgradeable firmware
 Bass and Treble control; configurable multiple band control
 Graphical EQ
 Subdirectory Support
 Playlist Support


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