MAX17601–MAX17605 high-speed MOSFET drivers

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The MAX17601–MAX17605 devices are high-speedMOSFET drivers capable of sinking /sourcing 4A peakcurrents. The devices have various inverTIng and noninverTIngpart opTIons that provide greater flexibility incontrolling the MOSFET. The devices have internal logiccircuitry that prevents shoot-through during output-statechanges. The logic inputs are protected against voltagespikes up to +14V, regardless of VDD voltage. PropagaTIondelay time is minimized and matched between the dualchannels. The devices have very fast switching time,combined with short propagation delays (12ns typ),making them ideal for high-frequency circuits. The devicesoperate from a +4V to +14V single power supply andtypically consume 1mA of supply current. The MAX17601/MAX17602 have standard TTL input logic levels, while theMAX17603/MAX17604/MAX17605 have CMOS-like highnoisemargin (HNM) input logic levels. The MAX17603 isa dual inverting input driver, the MAX17601/MAX17604are dual noninverting input drivers, and the MAX17602 /MAX17605 devices have one noninverting and oneinverting input. These devices are provided with enablepins (ENA, ENB) for better control of driver operation.


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