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The TXS02612 is designed to interface the cell phone baseband with external SDIO peripherals. The device includes a 6-channel SPDT switch with voltage-level translaTIon capability. This allows a single SDIO port to be interfaced with two SDIO peripherals. The TXS02612 has three separate supply rails that operate over the full range of 1.1 V to 3.6 V. This allows the baseband and SDIO peripherals to operate at different supply voltages if required.

The select (SEL) input is used to choose between the B0 port and B1 port. When SEL = Low, B0 port is selected; when SEL = High, B1 port is selected. SEL is referenced to VCCA. For the unselected B port, the clock output is held low, whereas the data and command I/Os are pulled high to their respecTIve VCCB through a 70-k resistor (±30% tolerance).


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