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The PS-Series Programmable Power System Controllers are integrated, configurable power supply controllers designed to control, monitor and measure up to four (PS-2406) or six (PS-2606) independent power converters, and monitor/measure the intermediate bus voltage. The power converters are monitored for overvoltage and undervoltage condiTIons, and the status informaTIon is accessible to the host microcontroller via the I2C interface.

All power converter configuraTIons are fully user programmable. Startup and shutdown sequences are fully configurable, and can be controlled through hardware and software inputs for addiTIonal flexibility.

The figure to the right shows a typical application with the PS-2406 as a Plasma Display Power manager controlling and monitoring four rails.


  • Continuous monitoring and measuring of up to four (PS-2406) or six (PS-2606) non-isolated power converters, 3 auxiliary inputs and an intermediate bus using a 10-bit ADC with a resolution of 2.2 mV
  • Robust and optimized fault detection time filters to prevent nuisance trips
  • Startup and normal/fault shutdown sequencing with programmable interlock voltages and time delays
  • Support for any required sequencing between all controlled power converters
  • Programmable hardware and software triggers for startup and shutdown
  • Support for partial shutdowns and power islands
  • Intelligent programmable restarts after fault shutdown
  • Four 8-bit DACs to drive the ADJUST pins of power converters
  • Three trim voltage registers per channel to allow for flexibility
  • Four flexible GPIO pins configurable as hardware enable, power good outputs or user defined functions
  • Simple configuration through PowerCenter Designer™
  • Configuration data can be stored either in an internal one-time programmable (OTP) memory, or an optional external EEPROM I2C and JTAG interfaces
  • On-chip oscillator for all timing functions
  • Powered from external 3.3 V source
  • 48-pin LQFP package


  • LCD/Plasma TV and monitor displays
  • Telecom and datacom cards
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