TUSB6015 pdf datasheet (USB 2.

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The TUSB6015 is a USB 2.0 HS Peripheral Controller designed for seamless interface to an external Host processor through the NOR FLASH-like interface.

The NOR FLASH-like interface is a 16-bit, mulTIplexed address/data, interface with support for synchronous burst and single asynchronous read/write access. ConfiguraTIon registers are accessible via the asynchronous chip select only; the End Point FIFO's are accessible via both the synchronous and asynchronous chip selects.

The device also has eight user configurable general purpose I/0 interface pins. The GPIO can be configured as an interrupt or wakeup source. Some GPIO have secondary NOR-flash DMA Request funcTIonality.

The device is fully compliant with the Universal Serial Bus SpecificaTIon Rev. 2.0.

The ESD protection level is 2KV HBM (JESD22- A114D), 500V CDM (JESD22-C101C).


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