ISL62872 pdf datasheet

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PWM DC/DC Controller With VID Inputs For Portable GPU Core-Voltage Regulator
The ISL62871 and ISL62872 IC抯 are Single-Phase Synchronous-Buck PWM voltage regulators featuring Intersil抯 Robust Ripple Regulator (R3) Technology™. The wide 3.3V to 25V input voltage range is ideal for systems that run on battery or AC-adapter power sources. The ISL62871 and ISL62872 are low-cost soluTIons for applicaTIons requiring dynamically selected slew-rate controlled output voltages. The soft-start and dynamic setpoint slew-rates are capacitor programmed. Voltage idenTIficaTIon logic-inputs select two (ISL62871) or four (ISL62872) resistor-programmed setpoint reference voltages that directly set the output voltage of the converter between 0.5V to 1.5V, and up to 3.3V using a feedback voltage divider. Optionally, an external reference such as the DAC output from a microcontroller, can be used by either IC to program the setpoint reference voltage, and still maintain the controlled slew-rate features. Robust integrated MOSFET drivers and Schottky bootstrap diode reduce the implementation area and lower component cost.


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