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The MCP1403/4/5 are a family of dual-inverTIng, dualnon-
inverTIng, or complimentary output drivers. They
can delivery high peak currents of 4.5A typically into
capaciTIve loads. These devices also feature low shootthrough
current, matched rise/fall TImes and
propagation delays.
The MCP1403/4/5 drivers operate from a 4.5V to 18V
single power supply and can easily charge and
discharge 2200 pF gate capacitance in under 15 ns
(typ). They provide low enough impedances in both the
on and off states to ensure the MOSFETs intended
state will not be affected, even by large transients. The
input to the MCP1403/4/5 may be driven directly from
either TTL or CMOS (3V to 18V).
The MCP1403/4/5 dual-output 4.5A driver family is
offered in both surface-mount and pin-through-hole
packages with a -40oC to +125oC temperature rating.
The low thermal resistance of the thermally enhanced
DFN package allows for greater power dissipation
capability for driving heavier capacitive or resistive
These devices are highly latch-up resistant under any
conditions within their power and voltage ratings. They
are not subject to damage when up to 5V of noise
spiking (of either polarity) occurs on the ground pin. All
terminals are fully protect against Electrostatic
Discharge (ESD) up to 4 kV.


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