TFA9842/TFA9842AJ pdf datasheet

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1. General descripTIon
The TFA9842AJ contains two idenTIcal audio power amplifiers. The TFA9842AJ can be
used as two Single-Ended (SE) channels with a volume control. The maximum gain is
26 dB.
The TFA9842AJ comes in a 9-pin DIL-bent-SIL (DBS9P) power package. The TFA9842AJ
is pin compaTIble with the TFA9843AJ, TFA9843(B)J, TFA9842(B)J and TFA9841J. The
difference between the TFA9843AJ and the TFA9843(B)J, TFA9842(B)J, TFA9841J is the
funcTIonality of pin 7. The TFA9843AJ has a Volume Control (VC) on pin 7. The
TFA9843(B)J, TFA9842(B)J and TFA9841J have a mode select (MODE) on pin 7.
The TFA9842AJ contains a unique protection circuit that is solely based on multiple
temperature measurements inside the chip. This gives maximum output power for all
supply voltages and load conditions with no unnecessary audio holes. Almost any supply
voltage and load impedance combination can be made as long as thermal boundary
conditions (number of channels used, external heatsink and ambient temperature) allow
2. Features
n 2 channel SE: 1 W to 7.5 W operation possibility
n Soft clipping
n Input clamps
n Volume control
n Standby and Mute mode
n No on or off switching plops
n Low standby current
n High supply voltage ripple rejection
n Outputs short-circuit protected to ground, supply and across the load
n Thermally protected
n Pin compatible with the TFA9843AJ, TFA9843(B)J, TFA9842(B)J and TFA9841J


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