Protel Advanced PCB v2.8

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  This is Protel PCB 2.8, with crack.

  This was once Protel‘s best PCB program, with very few bugs, and much better than

  their notorious version 3.

  Typically of Protel, the startup screen says it is v2.5 but the Help--》About box

  says correctly that is in fact v2.8.

  Protel for Windows v2.x Dongle Crack.


  Basically there is a loop which iniTIalises the array of modules

  which are enabled before tesTIng the dongle. Normally it sets them

  all to 0 (they are disabled) but changing the iniTIalisaTIon

  value to 1 instantly enables all modules without access codes or

  a dongle.

  Search String:

  8B BE 7E FF

  C6 85 2E AA 00 《《 CHANGE 00 TO 01

  83 BE 7E FF 15

  Apply this crack after installing PFW but before running it.

  The PFW.EXE dated 11/95 (in Crack directory) is already patched with this crack. Just copy

  it into the install directory. Enjoy.

  Acknowledgement to Muppet/95.


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